9 Money Lessons From My 90-Year-Old Grandma

Money Lessons From My 90-Year-Old Grandma

I’ll be giving you some background to my grandma’s life and adding a blurb about her lessons in each section.  So, sit back and enjoy these 9 money lessons from my 90-year-old grandma.

1. Nature Makes the Best Playground

Kids today spend more time inside than they do outside, and parents work  hard to buy expensive gadgets to entertain them. My grandma’s first  lesson is that nature is the best, and cheapest, playground. Encourage your kids to run, climb, play, and explore. 

2. Anything Can Be a Toy, and Any Toy Should Teach

We didn’t have any toys, so we made our own. I remember my brother  Dick carving statues of heroes, while I drew paper dolls and other  things. I was learning to sew at the time, plus learning embroidery and  to cook.

3. Have a “Never Give Up” Attitude

Often our lives are hard, and it may feel hopeless. There are many systematic issues in our country and barriers to success for many. No matter what card you’ve been dealt, it’s important to have a “never give up” attitude and to persist.

4. If It’s Not Worn Out, Use It

If it’s not broken then don’t fix it, or more accurately, buy another one. Obviously, times were more extreme in the Depression, but the point my grandma is trying to make is that people should use items they have to the fullest extent before getting a new one.

5. Always Be Looking for Ways to Save

It was necessary for my grandma’s family to save every penny they could growing up, and it’s still that way for many families. However, people that have surplus cash often aren’t careful with how they spend it and may be spending unnecessarily out of convenience.

6. Always Look to Improve

Music was my grandma’s dad’s passion, but it didn’t pay well, at least how he was trying to go about it. Realizing that, he went back to school to become a music teacher, which allowed him to better provide for his family.

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