McMenamins Passport: Earn Stamps and Prizes Exploring Locations

For many of us, filling up our passports is a significant life goal.

While your travel passport may have been collecting dust the past few  years, if you live in the Pacific Northwest, you have the opportunity  to fulfill a different travel goal. Read on to learn about McMenamins, the McMenamins Passport, and how you can get started earning your stamps.

What is McMenamins?

McMenamins is a chain of hotels, theaters, concert venues, breweries, and pubs sprinkled throughout Oregon and Washington. Founded in 1985 by brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin, the first  McMenamins was a brewpub in the southwest Portland suburb of Hillsdale.

What is the McMenamins Passport?

The McMenamins Passport functions similarly to a traditional passport in that you receive  stamps for each location you visit. However, in this case, the places to  visit are all the McMenamins locations, and you can earn more than one  stamp depending on which location you’re visiting.

Earning Stamps

Each time you visit a McMenamins location, you can earn a stamp(s) for  that location. The caveat is that you’ll need to make a purchase and be  prepared to show your receipt to earn stamps. However, you are not  required to have a meal or stay at a location to earn stamps.


You’ll earn many fun prizes as you collect stamps. As you fill up the  pages in your passport, you’ll be eligible to get free food such as tots  or burgers, gift cards, merchandise, and exclusive passport items.

The Grand Prize

Only redeemable at McMenamins hotels, the grand prize includes: – Overnight stays – A pair of concert or movie tickets – Drinks at Happy Hour prices Sunday through Thursday for the first year after

McMenamins Passport Tips and Tricks

I’d like to offer the following tips and tricks. 1. Pace yourself 2. Strategically plan your trips 3. Complete with friends 4. Take road trips 5. Stay elsewhere 6. Make small purchases

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