12 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

12 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

With internet access and 24/7 communication — a basic need for things like employment and safety — you can’t cut costs by going back to a landline. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still lower your cell phone bill. Here are some of the best ways to lower your cell phone bill.

1. Confirm Your Usage

It’s tempting to spring for an unlimited plan so you don’t have to worry about overage fees. But if you don’t use much data, you’re wasting money. On the other hand, if you opt for an unrealistically low usage plan, you might spend more on overages than you would have for the unlimited rate.

2. Use Wi-Fi Whenever Possible

Mobile data counts toward your usage limits and can run up your bill with overage fees, potentially forcing you to buy a pricey unlimited plan. However, you can significantly reduce your usage by connecting to Wi-Fi whenever possible. Wi-Fi networks are free and easy to access in most places, and connecting to them isn’t as difficult as you might think.

3. Sign Up for Autopay & Paperless Billing

Companies love autopay because it makes canceling difficult, and they don’t have to wait for you to remember it’s time to pay the bills. This streamlines their operations, improves financial forecasting, and cuts the cost of getting paid. For those reasons, most cell phone companies reduce your statement by $5 or so.

4. Turn Off Background Data Use

Another way to cut your data usage is to make sure only regularly used apps access data. Many apps continually make contact with the internet to bring you new information. For example, that’s how Facebook and Slack send you notifications in real-time. 

5. Don’t Buy Insurance

If you feel like you need insurance because you can’t afford to replace your phone, there’s a better solution: Buy a less expensive phone and don’t insure it. You save on the price of the phone and by not buying insurance.

6. Buy No-Contract Phones

Cell phone companies tempt you into long-term commitments with the offer of shiny, new phones on monthly payment plans. Those plans are typically interest-free, and they put you in the latest model. But, in exchange, you’re stuck with the same company and with no option to downgrade service for the length of the plan.

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