Living Stingy: A Helpful Guide to Frugal Living

Being frugal means living stingy.

In reality, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Frugal living is all about being resourceful. It is about discovering ways to save money, whether via do-it-yourself hacks, freebies, or coupons. Frugality is also about getting maximum usage out of the things you already have.

What Does Living Stingy Mean?

The word “stingy” has a negative connotation, and for a good reason. The definition of stingy is “sparing or scant in using, giving, or spending, ” and people often use the word stingy to describe negative attributes in others.

Pros and Cons of Living Stingy

Pros:  1. Understanding the Value of Your Purchases 2. Saving Money 3. Financial Independence Cons: 1. Some Sacrifices 2. Stigma 3. Going Too Far let’s leaarn about some ways you can start to become more frugal.

There’s A Season for Shopping

When it comes to shopping, keep in mind that there is a right time for buying certain items. Although shopping for groceries like vegetables and fruits when they are in season will, without a doubt, help keep your spending under control, it is also smart to purchase other items when they are on sale.

Get Discounted Gift Cards

Buying gift cards at a discount will allow you to turn them into discounts at stores that don’t usually provide sales, such as restaurants. What’s more, when you combine all of your acquired discounted gift cards with sales at other shops, you’ll be able to stack your savings even more.

Learn Some DIY Projects

When you need a product, you usually have two options: make it yourself or buy it. Even though going to the store is much more convenient, doing it yourself is normally much more affordable. 

Save First

If you have disposable income, one way to make it hard for you to spend money regularly is to save it before you can spend it, otherwise known as paying yourself first.  It’s best to pay yourself first because you can effortlessly convince yourself to splurge unused money.

Cable and Electricity Bill Payments

Another way to practice frugality is to try and save on your household bills. One option for a frugal investment is a programmable thermostat. Buying and installing one enables you to more easily regulate the temperature in various seasons, at dissimilar times of the day.

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