What is a Life Coach? (and Why You Need One)

You need the support of a professional.

In a perfect world, you’d wake up every day and live the life of your dreams. Unfortunately, however, this is easier said than done. Sometimes, you need the support of a professional such as a life coach to achieve your unique goals, including money goals.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a wellness professional who helps all types of people succeed in their personal and professional lives. They will work with you to identify and overcome obstacles and make the most of your strengths based on your particular goals and needs.

Types of Life Coaches

Here’s a brief overview of the types of life coaches: 1. Holistic Life Coach 2. Career Coach 3. Divorce Coach 4. Executive and Leadership Coach 5. Family Life Coach 6. Financial Coach 7. Fitness Coach 8. Health and Wellness Coach 9. Life Skills Coach 10. Relationship Coach

Life Coach Certifications and Qualifications

1. ISSA Certified Fitness Coach 2. ISSA Certified Fitness Coach 3. FFC Financial Fitness Coach 4. Spencer Institute Certified Holistic Life Coach

What is it Like Working with a Life Coach?

If you decide to move forward with a life coach, you’ll likely meet with them three or four times a month. Depending on your particular needs, however, more or fewer sessions may make sense. As you begin to meet your goals, you may reduce the number of sessions you originally signed up for and work with your life coach periodically.

Should You Hire a Life Coach?

Here are several situations that may warrant a life coach. 1. Getting married 2. You landed a new job 3. You want to improve your physical health 4. Getting divorced 5. You’ve completed an addiction treatment 6. You have a mental disability

How to Find a Life Coach

Here are some things to ask yourself while you’re looking for the right professional. 1. What type of life coach are you looking for? 2. When do you want to start? 3. How much time can you devote to life coaching each week? 4. What is your budget? 5. How will you measure success?

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