How to Manage Laundry While Traveling (and Save Some Money)

It can be tempting to overpack for your upcoming trip.

But carrying around all that extra weight can get tiresome and expensive. With these tips on doing your laundry on the go,  you can pack light and enjoy your upcoming trip without stressing about  your dirty clothes.

Self-Service Laundry

The most common way that people will do their laundry on vacation is by using a self-service option. This includes washing machines that  are available for guests to use at hotels or nearby laundromats.

Laundry Drop Off

If you’d rather minimize your time spent on laundry while traveling,  drop-off washing services are a great option. You can find these at many  laundromats, dry cleaners, or even sometimes at your hotel.

Bathtub Washing

Using your hotel room’s bathtub is a simple and accessible way to get  your laundry done. If your room only has a shower or if you’ve only got  a few items to wash, you can also use your sink to wash your clothes.

At a Campground

Every campground has different amenities, so call ahead of your  arrival so that you can be prepared. Your campground could have its own  self-service option or a local laundromat, but you’re less likely to find a drop-off service, so be prepared to do your own wash.

In an RV

You can also stick to the basics and wash your clothes in the sink. Depending on your RV model, you may be able to hang your clothesline off the awning or inside the RV itself for convenience.

In the Wilderness

Keep an eye out for natural water sources that you can use to wash your  clothes. In this case, it’s necessary to buy biodegradable soap ahead of  time so that you don’t harm the environment for the sake of smelling a  little fresher.

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