Kayaking Near Me: Finding the Best Spot To Paddle In 2022

Kayaking is an outdoor water activity that people participate in for leisure or a healthy lifestyle. It uses a small canoe-like boat (kayak) and a double-bladed paddle.

What Is Kayaking?

The kayak itself is an invention of the Arctic native Inuit people, who developed it for hunting and fishing. In fact, the word kayak in the Inuit language translates to “hunter’s boat.”

6 Types of Kayaking

Recreational Kayaking Sea Kayaking Kayak Touring Whitewater Kayaking Kayak Surfing Kayak Fishing

By far, one of the simplest ways to find the perfect kayaking location is to use the Go Paddling app. It’s available for both iOS and Android-powered mobile devices.

Download the Go Paddling App

Visit Online Paddling Forums, Groups, and Associations

A kayaking subreddit, for instance, has over 90,000 members that you can interact with and ask questions about finding the best spot to paddle.

Check Your State Park and National Park Service’s Websites

For instance, the National Association of State Park Directors has helpful information on any of the 10,336 state park areas.

Use an Interactive Map

Many kayaking websites have interactive maps. They are often overly broad, so you’ll need to be very specific about your requirements.

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