What’s to Blame for Job Dissatisfaction?

What’s to Blame for Job Dissatisfaction?

First off, we don’t feel that someone who leaves a traditional 9-5 to pursue another line of work is really retired. Many have disagreed with us, but that’s our opinion.  Why do people hate their jobs and what’s to blame for job dissatisfaction?

Job Dissatisfaction: Then and Now

What’s really interesting when you look at job satisfaction over time is that it’s actually been trending upward recently. According to The Conference Board job satisfaction survey data, job satisfaction was at its highest in 1987 with 61.1% of workers being satisfied with their job (the first year of the survey.

The Future of Job Satisfaction

Although job satisfaction rates are still nowhere near where they were in the late 80’s and 90’s, researchers with The Conference Board anticipate that it will continue to improve.

Why Are People so FIREd Up?

Placing historical context on the labor market and job satisfaction may partially explain why many people are so focused on pursing FIRE, but it doesn’t explain everything. In fact, most don’t even know what they’re missing out on.

What’s to Blame for Job Dissatisfaction for Those Pursuing FIRE?

It is a fact that job conditions and benefits are not as good as they were 40 years ago, but the majority of those pursuing (or who have reached) FIRE belong to the demographic that is MOST satisfied with their jobs.

 Tips To Increasing Job Satisfaction

Clearly understand your duties Make sure you understand your job duties so you can focus on them and ignore tasks that are not your responsibility. Leave work at work. I struggled with this for several years in my teaching job, until I just decided I was going to leave work at work.

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