Is Westin Vacation Ownership Worth the Cost Story

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a presentation for Westin Vacation Ownership. I have been through other timeshare presentations before, and aside from my curiosity about Westin’s version, I thought it would be interesting to give my take in a post.

Tawnya also had the opportunity to sit through a WorldMark by Wyndham presentation if you’re interested in her thoughts on that timeshare company.

Although Westin doesn’t use this word, Vacation Ownership is essentially a timeshare. 

What is Westin Vacation Ownership?

Differences between Westin Vacation Ownership options and redeeming points from a hotel loyalty program.


Westin packages are presented in terms of weeks as opposed to nights. Although you can split the week up into two vacations (4 nights + 3 nights, for example), your options package is set up to be redeemed in weeks.

Unlike hotel rewards programs that allow you to choose between a variety of room options, Westin Vacation Owners choose between a selection of villas.

As mentioned above, Westin Vacation Owners may only redeem their options at the 22 resorts currently in the portfolio (there is an exchange option to access other destinations but I remember a fee being involved).

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