What to do if You Find Yourself in Trouble With the IRS

What to do if You Find Yourself in Trouble With the IRS 

While trouble of any kind with the IRS can induce panic in the sanest person, panicking is the last thing you should do. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in trouble with the IRS.

What Kind of Trouble Are We Talking About?

How much trouble you’re in depends on the circumstances. Some troubles are easily handled, while others … not so much. Most IRS trouble stems from non-filing and non-payment of taxes. If you let it go on long enough, you can amass significant amounts of IRS bills for back taxes.

Keep Calm and Call Your Tax Professional

1. If you forgot to file or pay for years at a time, a tax professional can get everything organized before you try to deal with the IRS. 2. If the IRS sent you notice of a problem with a tax return, the tax professional who prepared it should fix it.

The CP3219A Notice of Deficiency

Let’s say you receive a letter from the IRS entitled CP3219A Notice of Deficiency. All it means is that there is a discrepancy on your tax return. Something you reported didn’t agree with something someone else reported on you.

If You Owe, Pay

The IRS is primarily interested in getting taxes collected. If you owe more than you can pay all at once, pay as much as possible and work with the IRS and your tax professional to set up a repayment plan that fits your means.

Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance

If you’re having significant trouble with the IRS that you have not been able to resolve through direct contact with the agency, you can try using the Taxpayer Advocate Service. The TAS was set up by Congress for the sole purpose of protecting your taxpayer rights.

Stay Out of Trouble from Now On

Try to stay out of trouble from now on. 1. File your taxes on time every time. 2. Pay your taxes on time or request an extension by Tax Day. Then pay before the extension if over. 3. Respond to all IRS notifications as requested and by the due date.

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