In 5 Easy Steps, You Can Sell Your Car

Selling your car can be stressful. Additionally, the process can feel complicated and time-consuming when you don’t know what you’re doing.

What To Do Before You Sell

– Make sure your car has a current inspection. – Print a vehicle history report. – Collect maintenance records.

– Title transfer: Your car’s title is required to transfer ownership. – Do you have your vehicle’s title? If not, then: Check with your lender if you owe on your car.

– List your car price according to similar cars. – Identify potential buyers.

What Is Your Asking Price?

Get an online car buying quote. For example, if you can sell to a private party for $17,000 and a website like Carvana offers you $16,500, you can decide to go with the quick sale.

Decide the Best Way  To Advertise Your  Car

Make sure you write a detailed description for a potential buyer to get a feel for your car.

Take Great Photos!

The more photos you can take, the better, and this means taking pictures of the inside, outside, all four tires, the engine, the trunk, the interior, the dash, and the floor mats.

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