Ideas for How to Save Money On Gas

According to Dave Ramsey’s budget percentages, people should be spending about 10% per month on transportation. Unfortunately, he isn’t always right, so we will find ways to save money on gas.

Accelerate Gradually

It would help if you tried to accelerate slowly and cruise. This is where a lot of the savings come in with gasoline.

Lot of these wholesale clubs will have discounts on gasoline just for being a member. So it never hurts to save a couple of cents just for being a member.

Wholesale Clubs

With properly inflated tires, your gas mileage by 0.6% on average up to 3% in some cases. This can be a $0.02 per gallon savings.

Tires Inflated

The more we blast these comforts, the more fuel it uses. This also produces a cost on our fuel consumption.

Reduce A/C and Heat

Reduce Weight

When having heavy things left in your car all the time can put pressure on your engine to produce more power. The less weight, the better.

Work From Home

Commuting is not always the best bang for your buck. So being able to work from home can help you save some money.

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