5 Simple Steps on How To Invest in Bitcoin

Read on to learn different ways to invest in Bitcoin and a step-by-step guide to buying your first Bitcoin.

How To Invest in Bitcoin

Investing in Bitcoin has been compared to investing in “digital gold.” Setting aside the inflation-hedge claims of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The first step in buying Bitcoin involves choosing a cryptocurrency exchange to make your purchase. These exchanges offer a platform to buy and sell Bitcoin and many other alt-coins.

Decide Where To Buy Bitcoin

One of the largest exchanges and the first one with a publicly-traded stock, Coinbase is known for its user-friendliness, but fees can be high.


While not as beginner-friendly as Coinbase, Binance offers low transaction costs and many cryptocurrency options.



Crypto.com is less feature-rich than some larger exchanges but offers unique benefits such as a crypto rewards debit card.

Cold wallets are a safer option for the long-term storage of your coins. These wallets are portable devices like a flash drive that allows you to store your Bitcoin offline for added security.

Choose a Bitcoin Wallet

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