How We Tripled Our Blog Traffic in 3 Months

How We Tripled Our Blog Traffic in 3 Months

We did triple our blog traffic in 3 months, and while there was a lot of work and different things that went into tripling our traffic, there is one common thread. We joined the Insiders blogging group after being offered a 3-month free trial, and we saw so much progress that we had to join once our trial period was up.

What is the Money Mix Insiders?

The Money Mix Insiders is a blogging group where members leverage the power of the group to gain access to opportunities and collaboration that no blogger alone could accomplish. The central blog of the group is Your Money Geek run by Michael Dinich.

How it Works

There are a few main things that help member blogs grow that is included no matter your level of membership. 1. Syndication 2. Coaching 3. Blog sharing and link-building 4.Access to unique exposure opportunities 5. Saving money on blogging tools.


First, members gain access to a wide range of SEO-friendly content and the opportunity to build backlinks to high DA member blogs through syndicated content. Syndication is a Google-friendly technique practiced by all the large sites like Nerd Wallet, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch.


Next, all members have access to coaching sessions with Fred, Michael, and Steve. The founding members are always willing to jump on a call or Zoom session and offer tips for improving your blog or next steps to take to reach your goals.

Blog Sharing and Link-Building

In addition to access to great content and coaching, you also have the opportunity to leverage the group for blog sharing and link-building. Your latest posts (and even older content) is willingly shared by members, exposing your posts to audiences far beyond your own.

Saving Money

It’s hard when you’re starting out and not making money to justify spending it on your blog. Thus, another benefit of the Insiders group is that they save you money on many tools essential to blogging success.

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