How to Write a Check in 6 Simple Steps

Although writing a check is a simple process, it’s critical to fill them out correctly to avoid opening the door to theft or other financial deception.


Write the date that you’re filling out the check. While you can postdate a check (write it for a date in the future), you’ll need to make sure you have funds available on that date so that the check clears.

Write in the name of the person or business you’re paying. This is known as the payee.

Recipient or Payee

Write the numerical amount in the small box next to the payee’s name. The best practice is to write the cent amount smaller and in superscript (at the top of the section) with an underline.

Payment Amount – Numerical Form

You’ll also need to document the payment amount in word form. This is to help combat fraudulent or altered checks.

Payment Amount – Written Form


Write a short description of what the check payment is for, such as “Yard Work” or “Garage Sale Purchase.”

Make sure all the information in the other sections is correct before signing.


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