How To Use Cashback Monitor To Maximize Shopping Points and Save Money

want to travel more and need more points to do so (but don’t want to spend more money to get those points)? Fear not, there is a solution – shopping portals. Many credit cards and airline alliances have them, and they are a terrific way to boost your overall points.

A shopping portal is simply a website that displays e-commerce deals connected with a rewards program. If you go through the portal, you can earn more rewards. The companies will then make an affiliate sale if you purchase through the portal. They then share part of the earnings with their customers.

What is a Shopping Portal?

What is Cashback Monitor?

Shopping portals are a great tool to maximize your points and cash back potential. The hard part is keeping up with the different shopping portals to get the best value for the money you are spending.

That is where Cashback Monitor comes to help. Cashback Monitor is a tool that tracks over 40 plus different shopping portals to help you find the best rates for your spending. You will no longer need to follow the various portals to get the most bang for your buck – you have a site to help track it.

Cashback Monitor is relatively easy to use. You open up the Cashback Monitor website. In the search column, you put in the store where you’re looking to make your purchase. At that point, a menu with different categories will pop up. There will be a column for cashback from stores such as InboxDollars, Rakuten, and RebatesMe.

How Does Cashback Monitor Work?

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