How to Save Money on Vacation: 25+ Ways to Save

Many people don’t realize that saving money on vacation is possible

It seems like you have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your time off.  However, this isn’t necessarily true. There are many ways to save money on vacation – it just takes some creativity and research!

1. Get a Savings Account

Whether you set up a separate space with your digital bank or sign up for a different savings account, do this now. Setting up a savings account and putting a goal to it will help you keep the money to one side ready so you can enjoy your vacation guilt-free.

2. Book Accommodations That Offers Free Breakfast

Did somebody say complimentary breakfast? If your hotel offers free breakfast, you will benefit. You can save tons of money on food if you don’t have to buy breakfast every day. In addition, you  won’t be tempted by the extensive menu at your favorite restaurant down  the street from your hotel room-saving even more cash!

3. Compare Car Rental Companies

Car rentals can be a great way to save money while on vacation  because they save on the cost of a cab. But just because they save you  money doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compare the price of car rentals. Make  sure to compare your rental company against others and if there are any  coupons available.

4. Get Your Foreign Currency in Advance

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5. Consider a Rewards Credit Card

A rewards credit card,  if treated correctly, i.e., a full balance paid off every month, can be  extremely helpful in helping you save on the cost of your flights and  travel. Especially if you get the right one for your needs.

6. When Traveling Internationally, Always use a Credit Card That Has No Foreign Transaction Fees

Always use a credit card that does not have a foreign transaction fee. The cost of paying with  home currency is a rip-off because many stores charge a more expensive  exchange fee than most institutions have to.

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