How to Save Money at Home Depot: 25 Ways to Save

How to Save Money at Home Depot

Home Depot is the DIYers’ big orange dream store. But home improvement projects, appliances, yard maintenance, and other home-related things can become expensive quickly.   Here are some ways to Save Money at Home Depot.

1. Subscribe

What easier way to start saving money at Home Depot than by subscribing to their email list?  Get $5 off for providing your email address. And the best news, you can unsubscribe if the emails don’t fit your style or needs.

2. Free Shipping

Home Depot promotes free 2-day shipping for more than 1 million items to your home when you spend $45 or more. Free shipping to the store or free same-day in-store pickup with no minimum purchase.

3. Free Gift Cards From Swagbucks

Get free gift cards for doing the everyday things you’re already doing online at Swagbucks. Watch videos, answer surveys, read featured deals, search online, and shop online to earn gift cards.

4. Buy Paint In Bulk

If you’re looking to save some money when buying your paint, buy a five-gallon tub and save at least 10%. You can store leftover paint for many years if properly sealed.

5. Buy Paint Already Mixed

Find the best prices on the “oops” paints. When the paint color isn’t quite right for someone, you’ll get a nice discount on the color if it still works for you. You can usually identify these “oops” paints by the color on the top of the lid.

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