How to Save Money at Home Depot

Check out how to save money at Home Depot with these 25 ways. You’ll stay on budget and still get the work done at home without sacrificing your money goals.

Garden Club

Sign up for the garden club with your email or phone number to get $5 off a $50 purchase. Plus, you’ll get notifications of special offers, promotions.

It may take some work to search through the many small items that are discounted up to 90%, but it could be worth it if you’re looking for a bargain.

Clearance Section

Don’t go buying something just because it’s on sale. But pay attention to the special one-day deals for hidden gems that you’ve been looking to buy for a while.

Exclusive One-day Deals

If you’re looking to use a tool once or twice, try renting it from Home Depot instead of buying it.

Rent Tools

Buy Previously Rented Tools

They are serviced, tested, and inspected before being sold and are sold “as is,” so make sure it’s something that you want to buy.

Shopping after season changes and holidays opens up big discounts up to 75% off for seasonal items. You’re sure to be ready to go for the next season or holiday.

Seasonal And Holiday Shopping

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