How to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft Story

In today’s digital world your identity is everywhere. Banks, doctors, credit bureaus, insurance agencies, etc, all have access to your personal information.

Unfortunately, that means your identity is being stored by dozens, if not hundreds, of different companies and it only takes one breach for your personal information to fall into the wrong hands.

If you’ve never checked your credit before today is a great time to start. Once per year you can get a FREE copy of your credit report from each of the three major reporting bureaus from

Check Your Credit

Be Proactive With Credit Monitoring

While checking your credit once a year is a great start you should also take steps to actively monitor your credit so you can catch and resolve identity theft issues quickly!

Time is of the essence if you suspect that your identity is being used to open fraudulent accounts.  Not every bank or financial institution is going to have the same fraud monitoring processes so the most important thing for you to do is act quickly.

Act Fast if You Suspect Suspicious Activity

Place A Fraud Alert and/or Freeze Your Credit With the Credit Bureaus

Each of the three credit monitoring bureaus have options to place fraud alerts and credit freezes on your account.

Check All Three Credit Reports

As we said above it is important to check all three credit reports as the information on each may vary. Go to the hard inquiry section and make a note of any financial institutions that you don’t recognize. Do the same with your open accounts section.

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