How to Prevent Impulse Purchases

Are you an impulse buyer? Chances are that you are, or that you have indulged in impulse buying in the past. What is impulse buying and how do you combat it?

Impulse buying is an unplanned decision to buy something made just before making the purchase.

What is Impulse Buying?

Never Go into a Store (or Online) Just to Browse

The only “browsing” you should ever do is when you’ve already decided to buy something but just aren’t quite sure of the exact item.

When You Do Go into a Store (or Online), Make a List and Stick to It

Making a list of needed items serves two purposes: it makes sure you don’t forget the things you DO NEED and reminds you that you DO NOT NEED anything else.

Lists are a reminder of the necessities, and everything not on the list becomes a want. Needs are crucial and necessary, wants are superfluous and expensive.

Sleep on It

Remember, impulse buys are the result of irrational emotional desires, many of which are triggered by some sort of promotion or sale. 

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