How to Find Cheap Flights

How to Find Cheap Flights

Her we will go over some strategies on how to find these fantastic airfares, as well as discuss tactics on how you can avoid paying a sizable portion of your plane ticket. The more cash you save, the more resources you will have available for your vacation.

Top 3 Travel Search Engines

Advancements in technology have made searching for cheap airfare effortlessly simple and straightforward.  Here are travel search engines: 1. Momondo 2. Skyscanner 3. Google Flights

Pro Tip: Do Not Forget to Check the Airline Website Directly

If your search on a specific airline website did not result in a cheaper airfare, go back to the search engine that churned out the best ticket and close the deal. Just be mindful that any changes or cancellations using an OTA may result in a voucher that expires instead of a full refund.

Know When to Fly

Flying during holidays, special events, and long weekends will be incredibly pricier than flying all other times. Consider booking during off-peak periods for significant savings. Another tip is to fly the day after a holiday or during the holiday itself, but never before.

Know When to Book

Sadly, there is no secret formula as to when is the right time to book. Ticket prices seem to be primarily driven by demand. The more passengers are interested in flying on a specific route on a particular day, the more expensive the fares become.

Add a Free Stop-Over if Flying Direct is Pricier

If vacation time is not a concern, searching in Google Flights can help you identify alternative cheaper airports near your final destination. Instead of flying direct to your original intended city, you can opt to fly to these nearby airports to save some cash.

Depart or Arrive in a Nearby Airport

Depart or arrive at a nearby airport. For example, substantial metropolitan areas such as NYC, Los Angeles, London, and my home airport, San Francisco, are located near at least three international airports. Make sure you run your flights across all possible options.

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