How to Ask for a Raise in 4 Simple Steps

Let’s destroy the “You vs. Them” dynamic and learn how to get your manager on your side when learning how to ask for a raise.

First Things First – Prepare

If you are asking for a raise, you control when you ask. You have time on your side, so start doing your research and build your confidence.

The Best Time to Ask For a Raise

When asking for a raise, anytime is the right time, after 12 months from your last raise.

After Completing A Big Project  – If you just completed a big project, and it went well. When Your Manager Is Happy  – You will always get farther with happy people.

Particular Circumstances When To Ask For A Raise

Set Up The Meeting

Start with an email to schedule a time to discuss, along with a few key arguments. An email is a controlled way to establish a future time to discuss salary.

Tips For Your Salary Meeting

- Don’t make it into a presentation - Be Confident and Specific About Your Raise - Practice What You’re Going To Say

Make Asking For A Raise A Normal Thing

A raise shouldn’t be a “You Vs. Manager” ordeal. It’s a collaboration between you and your boss to give you’re the resources to feel appreciated for the job you’re doing.

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