How Much is Your Starbucks Addiction Costing You Story

We know a lot of people who religiously drink Starbucks. Like, two or even three times a day Starbucks drinkers. I even had a friend in high school who “could not” function without her daily dose of Starbucks.

That idea always seemed silly to me. Why spend so much every day for a habit that you allowed to develop? After all, it isn’t really Starbucks itself you’re after, it’s the caffeine that keeps us awake.

Like anything, drinking coffee is a habit that can be amended or broken, and it would behoove you Starbucks addicts to do so to save big money. The so-called “Latte Factor” isn’t a new concept.

Sorry Starbucks fans, but your obsession with the coffee giant is likely blowing your budget, especially when you consider the long-term.

How Much is Your Starbucks Addiction Costing You?

As of this writing, the cheapest drink on the menu is freshly brewed coffee at $1.85 for the tall size, and the most expensive is the venti size for an assortment of drinks at $4.95 (there are more expensive seasonal/limited time options at $5.25 for a Venti, but we’ll stick to regular drinks).

To put these numbers in perspective, my annual home insurance is only $551. This means that those of you who buy two Starbucks coffees every workday spend more on coffee in a year than I do to insure my home!

Here’s where it’s going to get expensive. Let’s look at the numbers for two examples of middle of the road expense drinks: the Grande shaken iced tea and the Grande chai tea latte.

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Swipe Up To  Read More and see the Numbers!

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