How Much Does a Horse Cost?

How much does a horse cost?

A horse isn’t your run-of-the-mill family pet. They are a large animal that can be very expensive to care for, and without proper training and experience, they can even be dangerous.  Here we'll discuss how much it costs to own a horse, from the purchase of the horse itself to the care of a horse to the equipment needed to ride it.

Buying the Horse

The cost of a horse will depend on a number of factors. These include age, size, breed, pedigree, temperament, health, level of training, and accomplishments.  Simply put, the nicer the horse the more you’re going to pay. Cost: One-time average cost of $3,000, but could be less or much more.


Most who own horses have their own equipment for transporting their horses in the form of a horse trailer and a truck to pull it. Horse trailers come in all shapes, sizes, configurations, and costs. If you’ll be buying your own horse trailer, you’ll want to carefully consider what your needs are before buying. Cost: Anywhere from $15k to $100k+ for a truck and trailer, plus maintenance.

Housing (Board)

The cost of keeping your horse can similarly range in price, but it really comes down to two options. You either own your own place or you board.  Cost: If you own your own place the costs will be based on mortgage and upkeep. If boarding the cost will range from $1,950 to $12,000 a year.


Horses eat a lot, and you can’t typically just rely on grass. Most horses-owners feed primarily hay, but horses also need a mixture of grain and supplements to ensure their health.  Cost: Buying hay by the ton is most cost effective and will run you roughly $1,000 for one horse. The cost of grain and supplements will add a few hundred a year.


Horses need a clean environment to be healthy, so it’s important to regularly clean and replace the bedding in their stalls.  Cost: Depending on how messy your horse is, you can expect to spend at least around $250 a year on bedding.

Hoof Care

Aside from feed, hoof care is one of the most critical on-going care needs of a horse. Their feet must be properly cared for to avoid lameness issues and vet bills.  Cost: Hoof care will cost $400 to $1,200 a year per horse depending on the type of care needed.

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