How I Survived a Decade Without TV

How I Survived a Decade Without TV

I rarely think about it much, but I recently realized I just survived a decade without TV. So, gather round the digital campfire and bring your favorite s’mores ingredients, a guitar, and some Vanilla Ice lyrics and parachute pants. And I’ll tell you how I, Mr. Thrifty, have survived an entire decade without TV.

Growing Up on TV

When I was just a little thrifty, I used to watch quite a bit of TV. Growing up, I probably got in at least 4 hours a day on average. That experience growing up also gives perspective that not every minute of that time is spent mindlessly looking at a screen.

Why I Stopped Watching TV

I hadn’t seen TV in about 6 months, and I didn’t even miss it. I wasn’t quite so focused on pursing financial independence yet, but even then I realized there were better ways I could be spending my time and money.

Getting Mrs. Thrifty on Board

But we’ve been busy enough with one thing or another most of the time since we’ve gotten married that I’m not sure either of us could even begin to figure out when we would regularly watch TV. It seems like life gets busier and more complex with time, even when we’re trying to manage that.

I’m Still Not Really Anti-Television, But…

I’m not really against watching TV. Mrs. Thrifty and I occasionally catch old episodes of quality family shows like “Andy Griffith” and “Family Matters.” And the little thrifties love watching things like “Berenstain Bears” and “Daniel Tiger.”

The Value of Being Present

One of the biggest interpersonal challenges most of us seem to have in this digital age is being present with others. It’s easy for me to think of a number of times I’ve annoyed someone, or been annoyed by someone, by not paying attention.

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