Horsing Around: My Unique Side Hustle

Horsing Around: My Unique Side Hustle

These side hustles range from the common, to the exceptional, to the downright bizarre. But, in all the post, I’ve read I’ve never seen anything quite like my unique side hustle, and I’d bet almost none of you even knew this was something one could actually get paid to do.

What is Dressage?

Dressage is a French word meaning “training,” and is one of the most challenging of the equestrian sports. If you haven’t previously had some exposure to dressage, the best way to describe it is the type of riding where the horse appears to be dancing.

While classical dressage included the airs above the ground (moves that involved controlled rearing and jumping), modern competitive dressage focuses on a different, but still challenging, set of movements.

The Moves

The Levels

Dressage training involves moving up through a series of levels, ultimately building toward the highest level of Grand Prix. The levels are as follows:  Training Level  First Level  Second Level Third Level  Fourth Level  Prix St. Georges.

The Tests

So, how is dressage evaluated? Each level (Training through Fourth) is broken up into four “tests,” while the more advanced levels (Prix St. Georges up) are comprised of one test for each.

The Judge

Dressage tests are evaluated by a judge, and for the higher-level tests, several judges. The judges are placed in “boxes” around the arena, and there will always be a judge at letter C (opposite from where the horse and rider enter the arena).

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