Honeymoon Island: The Perfect Affordable Getaway for Newlyweds

If you’re searching for the perfect romantic getaway for newlyweds that doesn’t require a passport or a pricey airline flight, you may have come across Honeymoon Island in Florida. With a name like that, you’d hope the location’s reputation lives up to its title!

Things to Do on Honeymoon Island

Once you’re on Honeymoon Island, there are plenty of things to do beyond just lying on the beach.

For Low-Key Beach Bums

On Honeymoon Island, a beach lover can relax on the sand, sunbathe, take a dip in the water, go for a sandy stroll to collect seashells, and so much more. You can rent an umbrella and two chairs for the day for just $30 and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Share a packed lunch in a picnic area complete with grills for use or grab a bite or some beverages at one of the cafes on the island

Honeymoon Island’s Cafes

On the island, there are two cafes; Cafe Honeymoon and the South Beach Pavilion Cafe. Both locations feature fresh but casual beach fare. If you fancy a beer, you’ll have to get your drinks from the cafes as alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the beach.

For Wildlife Explorers

Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins or manatee friends swimming nearby in the blue waters. Go snorkeling and see what types of fish you spot during low tide. Go for a hike and see if you can spot some other animal friends like armadillos, raccoons, or gopher tortoises.

Active Activities

Visitors can also enjoy kayaking, hiking, bicycling, snorkeling, canoeing, or fishing during their time on Honeymoon Island. Explore the Osprey Trail that winds through pine and mangrove forests, or rent a kayak and venture into St. Joseph Sound

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