20 Easy High Income Skills You Can Learn Without College Education

High Income Skills You Can Learn Without College Education

Almost everyone will agree that doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. are careers with high income skills. But all of these require at least four years of college, if not more. However, did you know there are skills you can learn to generate six figures without a formal education? In fact, there are a lot of valuable skills you can learn that will improve your income potential.

The Difference Between a Skill and a JOB

A skill is something you do. Hard skills are concrete things like being able to type, whereas a soft skill would be something more nebulous like “good communicator.” A job requires you to trade time to start making money. It is where the acronym J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) comes from. You are expected to employ skills to perform work for an employer.

How do you Develop High-Income Skills?

Even if you avoid formal college classes (not full-time or for a degree), most high-income skilled workers attend a trade or certificate-specific training. Not every skill will be worth $100k from the start. To earn top dollar, you have to BE top dollar. These are not “get rich quick” schemes. Here are the skills you need to make good money without a college degree.

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is a specialized form of writing that is intended to sell a product. There are examples of copywriting all over the web. If the words are designed to inform, then it is a form of copywriting. As you will see, this is a very relevant skill and is related to many of the other skills.

2. Content Creation

Content creation or content marketing is when you write informative content and sell the content itself or sell advertising on the site you’ve created content for

3. Online Course Creation

One of the hottest trends in online marketing these days is online course creation. This is where you create an online course and sell it to people who want to learn about what you know and how your knowledge can fix other people’s problems. Of course, you have to have a related skill that you can teach.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create the visual elements of both online and offline advertisements. They are the logo creators, the banner designers, the artists that draw the cute characters that sell products. Graphic design requires some artistic talent.

5. Web Designer

In this context, a web designer creates websites using one of the website builders such as WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, or many others. They do not make custom CSS or JavaScript. Web design is tightly integrated with graphic design, but a web designer does not have to create their images. They can use someone else’s work.

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