25 Creepiest and Most Haunted Places in Oregon

Creepiest and Most Haunted Places in Oregon

As we head toward the end of the month and the scariest holiday of  the year, we thought we’d put together a roundup of the creepiest spots in Oregon for you thrill-seekers. Without further ado, here are the most haunted places in Oregon so that you can get your spook on!

1. Shanghai Tunnels, Portland

Portland used to be known as one of the most dangerous ports in the  world due to the practice of “Shanghaiing,” or the kidnapping of  unsuspecting men to work on ships often bound for Shanghai.

2. Oregon State Hospital, Salem

Built in 1883 and located in the state capital of Salem, the original  mental hospital now serves as a museum where visitors can tour the  facility and learn about the patients who lived there and how they were  treated.

3. The Geiser Grand Hotel, Baker City

Opening in 1889 following the gold rush that built Baker City, the  Geiser Grand was the finest hotel between Portland and Salt Lake City  during its heyday.

4. Sackett Catacombs, Oregon State University

Built in 1948, Sackett Hall has been linked to two murders, and it’s  said the ghosts of the victims have never left. One victim is Roberta  Kathleen Parks, who left her Sackett dorm room in 1974 and was never  seen alive again.

5. Waldo Hall, Oregon State University

Numerous students and faculty have reported feeling the presence of  another, and some have said they’ve seen a woman disappear. The chief  suspect for this ghost is Ida Kidder, the school’s first librarian and a  beloved member of the OSU community.

6. Pittock Mansion, Portland

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