4 Ways to Hack Your Timeshare to Score Vacation Deals

Ways to Hack Your Timeshare 

I’m on a mission to help the 9 million households that own a timeshare make the most of it!  This guide will cover the different ways you can hack your timeshare ownership to increase the value of the dollars you are already spending.

1. Return to Your Resort for $10 a Night

We take advantage of this offer to secure cheap weekend getaways in shoulder season even when it is not our ownership week!  Call your timeshare resort to see if they have a similar ‘space available’ program.

2. Save 84% on Resort Rooms

One place to score additional vacations for pennies on the dollar is from the Timeshare Exchange Companies, which you should have access to whether you bought with Westin, WorldMark, Hilton, or another brand. These companies provide a way for owners to trade their timeshare for a vacation at another resort.

3. Don’t Waste It, Exchange It!

The timeshare exchange companies are a key ingredient to make your ownership work for you, and your budget. I hear from a lot of frustrated owners who aren’t using their timeshare ownership at all, still paying their yearly maintenance fees and purchasing hotel rooms or Airbnb’s instead.

4: Exchange Your One Week For Four (or More!) Weeks of Vacation

There are a lot of timeshare veterans who use the exchange system to book month long vacations. There is even a retired couple who timeshare full time.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to timeshare ownership or a savvy veteran, the tips I’ve shared with you will help you hack your timeshare and get the most out of your vacations.

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