Frugal Things to Do in New Zealand

Known for its alpine landscapes, scenic beaches, and breathtaking nature all-around, Aotearoa New Zealand presents infinite options for outdoor and indoor activities.

Visit the Local Museums and Galleries

Visiting museums and galleries is a top thing to do while traveling and definitely one of the most frugal things to do in New Zealand.

You can swim with dolphins, see the Blue penguins colony in Oamaru and even go whale watching. It all depends on what you fancy.

Hang Out With the Cutest Sea Life

If you’re hiking and enjoying around Abel Tasman, you can catch a water taxi to get a different view of the area for about $30 NZD.

Budget-Friendly  Boat Trips

There are several caving sites throughout the country for you to explore. Waitomo Caves are the best-known caving system where you can choose to walk through them.

Go Caving

Join the Steampunk Festival

This is a great way to get creative and show off your best outfit! Creativity can be found in many ways during this festival.

You can rent a bike pretty much in every city and big town. Just check with the local cycle shop or bike operator and get ready to hit the trails pedaling!


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