Where Can I Find Free Money to Start a Small Business

There are many ways to find free money to start a business. Some people invest in start-ups to help them grow, while others lean into securing small business grants.

What is a Small Business Grant?

A small business grant is free money to start a small business, start-up, or project funded by the government, non-profits, or other organizations to help.

Various organizations have grants to help people get started. They are separated by different types and levels within the government.

Many Different Grant Types

Federal Small Business Grants

The Federal government can be the first place to look for some grant money. There are various grants you could apply for.

 After looking at the federal level for some grants, it is always good to check out specific state grants at the state or local.

State and Regional Business Grants

Covid-19 Small Business Grants

The federal government and many other organizations came together to provide relief and opportunities to have free money to start a business.

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