How to Make and Save Money at a Flea Market

Make and Save Money at a Flea Market

You may have even visited a flea market. But, unless you’re a garage-saling, thrift-storing, antiquing pro, you probably have questions about flea markets, what they are, and how they can help you save and make money.  Here are some tips to make and save money at flea market.

What is a Flea Market?

A flea market is a type of street market in which vendors sell second-hand (or previously-used) merchandise. While you could sell almost anything at a flea market, items such as collectibles, vintage clothing, and antiques are the typical merchandise.

Why the Term “Flea Market?”

Outdoor markets selling various goods have existed for millennia, but the term flea market is believed to have fairly recent origins. There are a few different theories, but the most popular is that flea market is a translation of the French term “marché aux puces,” meaning “market of the fleas.”

Types of Flea Markets

Flea markets have adapted and changed over time and have remained remarkably consistent in their existence.  There are two main ways to categorize flea markets: 1. Frequency 2. Location

How to Make and Save Money at Flea Markets 1. Making Money as a Vendor

If you’re talented at crafts, upcycling, or a frequent garage-saler or antiquer, then you might consider operating a booth at a flea market as a vendor. Unlike opening a formal thrift store or antique business, flea markets present a low barrier to entry for you to test out your new venture.

2. Saving Money as a Buyer

On the other hand, flea markets also represent an opportunity to find treasures and unique items, often for less than you would pay at a department store. Just the fact that you’re buying used will likely save you money.

Finding a Flea Market Near You

If you’re not in or near one of the towns don’t fret because there are sure to be several flea markets in your local area you can visit. Most major cities have at least one flea market option, and many smaller towns have seasonal or semi-regular markets.

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