Financial Literacy for Teens

If you don’t want your kid to end up with the rest of the 90% of the teen population, then read on. Let’s talk about financial literacy for teens.

Teach Money Management Through a Bank Account

These accounts come with simple terms and conditions to ensure a teen can use it without needing anyone’s help.

Convince Them to Save for College

This activity will inculcate the habit of savings in them and help them realize the importance of money in college life.

Young people get a lot of free time on their hands during various academic breaks, and the best utilization of this time is in learning about how to make money.

Advise Them on Making Money

Let Them Fail

Failure will teach them an important lesson about finance that will stay with them and guide them for the rest of their lives.

Help Them Start Budgeting

Get your teenager involved in the budgeting of the household. The use of budgeting apps can make this process more interesting and immersive for them.

Teach Them How to Avoid Impulse Purchasing

Since e-commerce has made buying entirely hassle-free, one has to be aware of their shopping/buying behavior to avoid overspending.

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