A Brown Man’s Experience of Racism in America

 Racism in America

Racism in America is once again at the forefront of our minds. Recent incidents of police brutality toward people of color, specifically black Americans, is bringing back into focus a problem that continually exists in the peripheral vision of society. Here are my thoughts and my experience of racism in America.

A Brown Man’s Experience of Racism in America

I want to start by describing my own experience of racism in America. While I do think improvements have been made over the last 40 years, the uncomfortable truth is that what’s mostly happened is that racism has largely gone from being overt to covert.

My Experience with Overt Racism

Let me just list a few things I’ve experienced: I was given inferior grades than many of my white peers in college despite their work being inferior to mine. I had even helped some of them! I got my first office job offer only after proving my skills, not because my resume said I had them.

My Experience with Covert Racism

Many people give me a second look, not because I am beautiful, but because I’m different. It happens all the time. It happens from all races, but mostly from white people. During one of my vacations, I sent my kids to the pool to play. For the safety of my kids, I sat on a nearby bench to watch them.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

I want to make it clear that all discrimination based on skin color is bad, but it can be even more difficult to navigate when you’re discriminated against because of WHO people think you are.

Racist Behavior Isn’t Solely Perpetrated by Whites

Yet another layer of prejudice that many people of color must navigate is that other minority groups engage in racist behaviors as well. And unfortunately, the group most discriminated against worldwide seem to be black people.

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