Everything You Need to Know About Living in a Van

Living in a van or other similar vehicle has been especially popular with the FIRE crowd (financially independent, retire early) who are looking to be location independent and save money.

Why Might Someone Consider Living in a Van?

Aside from the fact that a van costs less than a house, one of the main reasons someone might consider living in a van is the mobility it offers.

The most popular model is the Ford Transit Connect, but we opted for a lesser-known compact cargo van.

Choosing a Van

Setup costs will depend on the type of van you have and whether or not it will become your permanent home or just a place to lay your head while traveling.

What Are the Setup Costs?

The simplistic nature of the van life can mean that you need to get creative in order to fulfill some necessities.

What’s it Like Living in a Van?

What Are the Ongoing Costs of Living in a Van?

The costs of living in a van include normal living costs such as food and insurance. Ongoing maintenance costs of your vehicle will likely be higher due to increased use.

There are tons of options for parking, including RV parks, campgrounds, State and National Park campgrounds, public land, wineries, and more.

What Are the Parking Options?

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