How to Save Money with the Entertainment Book

What is Entertainment Book

Hughes and Sheila Potiker founded Entertainment Publications in 1962. At first, it was a coupon book for local products in the Detroit area. Since then, it has expanded into 150 markets and has been continuing to grow over the last 48 years. They now offer discounts at 60,000 different merchants.and have several different ways you can use the offerings in the book.

How much does the Entertainment Book cost?

There are different types of membership you can purchase. First is the book membership, which costs $9 for the entertainment book itself and nothing more after that. Coupons are valid until the end of the year with every year’s new coupon book. Then there is the digital membership, which is $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year (which is included in the book purchase).

What’s Comes in the Membership?

You can save up to 50% with things you do every day with both the book and digital membership. The book membership is tailored to your local area, but with the digital membership, you get access to all U.S. and Canadian cities offerings, snagging savings wherever you go. When purchasing the book, digital membership is automatically included.

Categories of Savings Offered

The categories of savings you will see in the book haven’t changed much over the years and include: 1. Attractions 2. Automotive care 3. Groceries 4. Furniture 5. Restaurants and dining 6. Services 7. Shopping 8. Travel

Pros of the Entertainment Book

The main pros of the Entertainment Book and app are: 1. There are a wide variety of offers that can be accessed from any location with the app. 2. The travel deals are great and far better than any site like Expedia. 3. You can track savings in the app and the total amount you saved over time.

Cons of the Entertainment Book

1. Be sure to read specifics on the coupons and in the app.  2. he app often lags when loading. 3. You can’t get the book included with the digital membership on the app. But you can get the app included with the purchase of the book.

Is the Entertainment Book still relevant today?

It is kind of crazy to me that I am writing about a book that I’ve known about almost my whole life and my family religiously used when I was growing up. It hasn’t lost its relevance one bit since then either.

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