How to Easily Earn the Southwest Companion Pass

 Easily Earn the Southwest Companion Pass 

This is partly because Southwest Airlines is such a budget-friendly and well-rated airline, but it’s also because the Southwest Companion Pass allows you to save the most money on airfare within the U.S. and select international destinations.

Apply for Your First Card in December

You must earn 110,000 qualifying points within a calendar year to earn the Southwest Companion Pass, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait for the start of the year to begin doing it. In fact, you can begin making purchases in December that can count toward your Companion Pass.

Time Your Large Bills

Many people have large annual or non-monthly expenses that can be used to make a big dent in meeting minimum spending requirements or help you get the rest of the way to your Companion Pass. The key is to plan any large expenses you do have so that they coincide with the beginning of the year.

Plan Around Large Expenses

Another way to ensure you’re able to spend enough to earn the Companion Pass as soon as possible is to plan any large upcoming expenses for the beginning of the year. In this case, large upcoming expenses refers to any expense (not bills) that you have planned and budgeted for.

Pay Taxes

You can pay the majority of your bills using a credit card, but did you know that you can also pay your taxes? In fact, taxes are one potential annual expense that we haven’t yet discussed that can also help you make a large dent in your journey to earning the Southwest Companion Pass.

Hack Your Loans

The last large purchase strategy you can use to help you earn the Southwest Companion Pass as soon as possible is to hack any loans you may have. As you’re likely well aware, you typically can’t make loan payments with credit cards. This rule is for a good reason.

Earn More Points for Everyday Spending

All Southwest cards offer increased points earning on certain travel purchases, 2 points for every dollar spent for personal cards and 3 points for every dollar spent for business cards. Thus, purchasing a Southwest flight for $500 will earn you 1,000 points on a personal card and 1,500 points on a business card.

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