Different Types of Credit Cards

Different kinds of cards with different benefits, credit cards are a great way to build your credit score and make you more appealing to lenders.

Sign-Up Bonus Cards

The concept is simple  the cardholder will earn a sign-up bonus after spending a specified amount within a certain period of time.

Balance transfer cards offer you the ability to transfer the balances on other high interest rate accounts to one with a lower interest rate.

Balance Transfer Cards

Co-Branded Cards

With hotel and airline co-branded cards, the cardholder is enrolled in the rewards program of the partner and points/miles are compiled with that program.

No-annual fee cards are perfect for those interested in earning some type of reward with more limited spending and who will not utilize the benefits of the annual fee cards.

No-Annual Fee Cards

Annual Fee Cards

Annual fee card benefits tend to make up for the fee if fully utilized, but we tend to stick in the middle in terms of the annual fee for a healthy blend of benefits and cost (ranging from $69 to $99 a year).

Cash-Back Cards

Redeem the rewards for Chase Ultimate Rewards (when paired with Chase Sapphire Preferred or other annual fee Ultimate Rewards cards).

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