75 Cheap Date Night Ideas to Have Fun on a Budget

Cheap Date Night Ideas

You want special date night ideas, but you don’t want to spend a lot of cash. Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a wonderful time. After all, dating is all about getting to know a person and spending quality time with them – not how much money you can spend!  Here are cheap date night ideas to have fun on a budget.

1. Go to the park

Enjoy the sights of a local park. Enjoy walking hand in hand while enjoying the fresh air, spotting animals leaping from rock to rock, or dogs playing in the grass. Try exploring a new park in your area or a new area in a favorite park.

2. Make homemade bread and butter

The smell of delicious bread baking in the oven will be well worth the effort. Taking turns shaking the jar as cream turns to sweet, delicious butter is both fun and good for those muscles. Plus, studies have shown that cooking together helps to improve your relationship.

3. Watch movies from your childhoods

With all the different streaming options and cable alternatives out there it’s easier than ever to take a walk down memory lane with movies. Try having each of you pick a movie you loved during your childhood that the other hasn’t seen. Talk about why you love the movie and the memories surrounding it.

4. Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Find seashells, rocks, leaves, and birds on a lovely walk around your neighborhood or a local park. Pick and theme or specific item you want to collect and then go find some treasures. You could even find creative ways to display these items – like agates or other special rocks – in a jar or other container around your home.

5. Make dinner together

Turn an everyday chore into a romantic evening by choosing a favorite recipe and cooking a meal! Bonus points if you make it an international night with foods from a country you’d like to visit, like spaetzle from Germany or tamales from Mexico.

6. Go bike riding

This is another of our cheap date night ideas that is both fun and good for your health. You can get used bikes for relatively cheap or rent one if you live in a larger city. Cruise around town or in nature depending on your preferences and local area.

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