How I Make Money on Crowdtap in My Free Time

How I Make Money on Crowdtap

There are many great apps that help you earn money, a buddy of mine recently told me about Crowdtap and how I can earn gift cards by using my free time to answer my mobile phone surveys. In exchange for providing my feedback about brands and products, Crowdtap sends you electronic gift cards you can use at popular online stores.

Crowdtap’s History and Beginnings

Founded in 2009 by Brandon Evans and Kareem Kouddous, the Crowdtap headquarters is located in New York, New York. Brandon and Kareem’s vision was to increase communication between consumers and brands, which would increase value for all involved. Increased communication helps companies understand what customers want.

The Crowdtap Signup Process

After learning about Crowdtap, I went to their website and found two ways to create an account. I could either use my Facebook account or use an email address. 

The Onboarding Process

After logging in, I was immediately met with a series of questions. Crowdtap was attempting to filter out automated bots and other people who were not interested in providing valuable feedback but wanted to make a quick buck.

Earning Points By Completing Missions

Missions are actions for users to complete to earn points, which are later exchanged for gift cards. There are several different missions available to users depending on the information brands are looking for: 1. Questionnaire Missions 2. Discussion Missions 3. Poll Missions 4. Photo Missions 5. Content Missions 6. Text Missions

How To Earn Crowdtap Rewards

Each time you complete a mission, you earn a certain number of points. Each mission will provide you with a different number of points, which are identified ahead of time. The points are later exchanged for gift cards of your choice. You also are provided free products if you are selected for sampling or hosted party mission.

The Point System

Each time you complete a mission and earn points, your point total is increased on your dashboard. After participating in several missions, I found the point payout varies by the amount of time the mission takes and the brand sponsoring the mission.

Is Crowdtap Legit?

I have been scammed by other online applications with the promise of cash and gift cards for my time, only to be told I didn’t qualify, or they were out of rewards by the time I earned enough points. However, with Crowdtap, I received my electronic gift cards quickly after meeting the point minimums and selecting my products.

The Pros/cons of Crowdtap

Pros 1. Easy way to make money in gift card 2. User-friendly app 3. Actually pays out when you reach rewards. 4. A large variety of reward choices Cons: 1. No referral program for friends and family 2. It takes a long time to earn a $25 gift card. 3. A limited number of surveys

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