How to Shift Your Mindset From Consumerism to Frugalism

The Mindset

There is a fundamental truth that everyone must understand before they can truly accept and unlock the keys to many of the ideas presented here on Money Saved is Money Earned. Our world is built on consumerism.

Our world is built on consumerism

Consumerism is an economic ideology that encourages the insatiable acquisition of goods and services, with the ultimate driving factor being money. Consumerism is like a disease, and the more that disease spreads the more money corporations make.


Corporations are building wealth on the back of your debt. It’s a game, and you and everyone else who buys-in to the idea that you must have the newest products is playing right into it. The board for this consumerism game is marketing.

Shifting the Mindset – The Most Important Task

Consider this example featuring one of our favorite topics: cars. The former is the result of purchasing a new car, while the latter, a nice used car. Let’s say you buy the new car. You’re thrilled with it! After all, it’s got all the latest gadgets and you got a great deal. You absolutely love it!

How can we gain satisfaction in frugalism instead of consumerism?

Satisfaction from frugalism comes from having more money in your pocket, while unchecked consumerism makes the corporations rich and leaves you with the disease called DEBT! You must begin to gain satisfaction from working the system, rather than by being worked by the system.

How do you break free?

You don’t. You can learn how to use the systems to your advantage by getting good deals, not paying unnecessary interest, and not being caught up in the rush to get the newest and best no matter the cost.

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