Best Cheapest Streaming Services for the Cord-Cutters

Cheapest Streaming Services 

Long gone are the days of running to the bathroom or for a snack between commercial breaks. With so many streaming services, cable feels like an obsolete inconvenience as more people cut the cord to save money.  Here are some great cable alternatives that will save you some serious money.

1. Peacock

Price: Free for some content, $4.99/month+. What you’ll get: The free version of Peacock will only get you a couple of movies and TV shows. But the $4.99 plan includes live TV like Sunday Night Football, Premier League, and WWE.

2. Hulu

Price: $6.99/month+. What you’ll get: Access to most shows from partner networks listed above the day after airing, original Hulu content. Add-ons: Hulu has loads of bundles and add-ons you can choose from, ranging from live TV to adding SHOWTIME or STARZ.

3. Disney+

Price: $7.99/month+. What you’ll get: Access to Disney original movies and TV shows, both classic and new. Add-ons: As stated above, you can bundle Hulu, Disney, and ESPN at a discounted rate.

4. Netflix

Price: $8.99/month+. What you’ll get: Watch on one screen at a time and download content on one device. Add-ons: You can add multiple users, download content to watch offline on various devices.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Price: $8.99/month+. What you’ll get: IMDB TV shows (free with ads), Amazon original content, content from partner networks and studios (may vary by region), and one free subscription to a Twitch streamer (you can change who you subscribe to month-by-month).


Price: $9.99/month+. What you’ll get: Access to SHOWTIME originals. Add-ons: SHOWTIME has a ton of bundles and add-ons to choose from, such as student plans and add-ons for Spotify and Paramount.

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