Cheap Things to Do on the Gold Coast in Australia

While it may cost you a bit to get and stay there, the good news is that there are many cheap things to do on the Gold Coast that will help reduce the cost of your holiday to this wonderful place.

About the Gold Coast

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Hiking the National Parks

There are about 10 different National Parks located within 2 hours of the Gold Coast and seeing these natural wonders are great cheap activities.

This is a peaceful time on the beach and especially romantic for sharing with that special someone.

Watch the Sunrise Over the Horizon

Visit any of the Gold Coast Theme Parks

You will find discounts for a 3-day visit or choose passes that include a few parks. Consequently, SeaWorld, Wet N Wild, and Movieworld.

Whale Watching from the Headlands

From May to November migrating humpback whales pass by the Gold Coast Area. While you can take a day tour and see these magnificent animals up close.

Pick up a Bargain at any of the Gold Coast Markets

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