15 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done to Save Money

15 Ridiculously Cheap Things I’ve Done to Save Money

While most of our savings tips are designed to help you save big money, it’s important to acknowledge that little savings can also make a big difference.  Take a look and see if you’d be willing to do any of these things to save yourself some extra change.

1. Give My Garbage to Others

I have great family and friends who are willing to help me save a few bucks by taking my garbage. Again, I have minimal garbage so this works for me, but even this small amount saves me big money.   Money saved = $20 – $30 a month.

2. Recycle at Work

Recycling service generally comes with garbage service, but without garbage service I’ve had to get creative with this one too. Growing up my parents always burned all their paper waste, returned bottles and cans, and took any other recycling material to the dump.

3. Print at Work/School

You see, in college you’re typically allowed to print a certain number of pages a term free of charge, and it’s one of the biggest saving methods a student could use. In addition, I had access to a printer at the Writing Center where I worked, from which I could print all I needed for free and without using up my quarterly allotment.

4. Borrow Items

I’ve already hinted at this method in several of the items above, but it’s worth its own category because it’s such an effective money-saving method. I had an entrepreneurial professor in college that said the biggest part of being an entrepreneur is the ability to use OPR’s.

5. Share Memberships

Speaking of borrowing, the idea of sharing things goes beyond tools and household items. I’ve also saved a ton of money by sharing memberships. Now, you won’t be able to share every membership, but for those, you can share it can save you a good chunk of money.

6. Take Advantage of Free Benefits

This one typically does require spending some money in order to gain access to the services, but it’s well worth it in the end. How many of you regularly get your oil changed? I hope the answer is 100% of you who own a car.

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