Cheap Things I’ve Done to Save Money

These ridiculously cheap things I’ve done have saved me a pretty penny over the years. Take a look and see if you’d be willing to do any of these things to save yourself some extra change.

Use Student ID Card for Discounts

Whether I’m technically a student or not, I still have my Student ID card and carry it with me just in case I can use it to save a few bucks. 

My grandma has saved me hundred of dollars in clothing over the years by her willingness to patch holes, sew on buttons, replace zippers, & even make new clothes on occasion.

Repair Your Clothing

Save Condiments from Restaurants

I save condiments from restaurants whenever I can so I don’t have to buy them at the store.

While I do pay for WIFI in my home, I regularly take advantage of the WIFI offered at businesses, at universities, work, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and a plethora of other places.

Use Free WIFI

Shower at  the Gym

There were many a time when I would work out in the morning and shower at the gym, thus saving me some water and product at home.

Recycle  at Work

 I don’t feel bad about adding my unwanted paper waste and minimal other recyclable waste to the bins at my work.

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Money Saved Is Money Earned!