Birthday Party Places That Are Free or Cheap

Finding kids birthday party places that won’t break the bank can be a challenge, especially considering the kinds of places that kids typically want to go.


There are usually picnic tables, public bathrooms, and shelters. Best of all  plenty for the kids to do!

If you live near the water (including lakes), then a beach birthday party is always fun. Especially when trying to entertain older kids.

The Beach

Animal Shelters

Shelter parties are great for animal lovers and kids who already have too much stuff. Usually, donations are given instead of gifts!

Churches or Community Centers

Both churches and community centers sometimes have indoor play facilities or kid-friendly spaces that make for great parties too.

Hiking Trails

Give kids their own bags of trail mix and Gatorade for the journey. For the actual birthday celebration, pack a picnic and serve cupcakes instead of cake.

Board Game Cafe

These places usually charge per person, and you can stay and play games as long as you’d like. I’d especially recommend this birthday party location to someone with older kids like tweens and teens.

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