Best Ways to Make Money While Traveling Around the World

For many people, traveling the United States is a dream that escapes them their whole life. Traveling the world is even further out of reach.

This story will discuss a plethora of traveling jobs, including those that allow travel within the U.S., international travel, remote jobs that allow you to travel, & seasonal jobs that allow travel.

Airline Pilots

Based on our research, most pilots who travel abroad usually stay on international routes, while domestic pilots typically remain within the United States.

A flight attendant traveling job is similar to that of a commercial pilot, except their travel locations are based on seniority.

Flight Attendant

Traveling Nurses

One of the best highlights of the job is the ability to pick where you travel next. Traveling nurses have the option of working in whatever city they choose.


A good bartender can almost walk into any bar in America and land a job at any given time.

Cruise Ship Worker

Many positions are open aboard a cruise ship, giving this form of travel to several professions.

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