32 Best Traveling Jobs to Make Money While Seeing the World

Best Traveling Jobs to Make Money

For many people, traveling the United States is a dream that escapes them their whole life. Traveling the world is even further out of reach. However, a lucky group of people can accomplish two tasks at once with a job that allows them to travel.  This post will discuss a plethora of traveling jobs.

1. Athletic Scout

An athletic scout might be the dream job for any former aspiring sports player. You get to travel and watch sports for a living! This might also be one of the most untraditional jobs on our list. The pay for an athletic scout falls between $34,000 and $77,000 per year.

2. News Reporter

News reporters have to travel to be on the scene when a story breaks. While many local news reporters will travel primarily around their city and surrounding areas, there is the opportunity to travel the region to cover different stories.

3. Minor and Major League Athletes

For the athlete scout, there has to be an athlete. There are hundreds of semi-pro and pro sports teams around the country. Not every minor leaguer will turn pro, but they still have the luxury of traveling. Occasionally for some semipro and pro players, there will also be international travel involved.

4. Minor and Major League Personnel

For every minor or major league athlete, there are many coaches, trainers, and other support personnel there to ensure athletes are prepared and well-taken care of. Even if you have little experience, there are opportunities to get in with a team on a lower level and work your way up.

5. United States Military

Depending on the branch and rank, members of our military have varying degrees of earning potential. Recruits will earn around $44,000, while top officers can earn over $100,000 per year.

6. Security Workers/Event Staff

There are many traveling security and event staff workers. These workers are employed by various agencies that send them to designated events. They may work concerts or other crowded events. Their travel and lodging are covered, and the average pay is about $31,000 per year.

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